Alternative Medicine For Acne - Does It Work?

Herbal Medicine

There are various herbs you can use for treatment, cure, and prevention of acne. The main thing to remember when using herbal remedies is safety. If you are buying ready-made herbal remedies, consider who you’re buying from. Are you buying from a reputable seller? Is it certified safe and tested by the US Department Food and Drug Administration?

It’s good if you want to make your own herbal remedy but make sure you’re able to follow directions accurately. Wrong quantities can lead to overdose and other medical complications. Insufficient quantities will naturally lead to ineffective acne solutions.

Tea tree oil is one of the most commonly used herbs for acne treatments. It may contain anti-microbial effects which can reduce inflammation of acne especially in severe cases. Continued use over a three month period can lead to dramatic results. It also has properties that can remarkably slow the growth of the P. acnes bacteria. Researchers have shown that tea tree oil have lesser side effects compared to benzoyl peroxide. Thus, it’s possible not to suffer from dryness, burning, itching, and stinging - all common reactions to acne treatments.

Evening primrose oil or black currant seed oil is effective when taken thrice a day in the form of 500mg capsules. In three months, you can expect your acne to clear up. You can also try a concoction of cleavers tincture and nettle.

Echinacea, goldenseal, calendula, flaxseed, licorice root, witch hazel, and German chamomile are all considered effective against acne as well. If it’s stress that’s causing you acne problems, consider relaxing with a cup of lavender tea.


The right scent can make your problems and illnesses go away. This is the primary claim of aromatherapy and they have suggested solutions prepared for your acne problems as well.

Similar to its use in herbal drinks, tea tree oil also has a scent considered beneficial for solving acne problems. Tea tree oil was used as the primary ingredient in researches focusing on the effectiveness of aromatherapy for acne control, prevention, and treatment.

Compared to traditional treatments, aromatherapy shows slower results but it does have lesser side effects as well. Aromatherapy, depending on the ingredients used, may also have antibacterial properties to prevent acne growth. A good example of this is farnesol.

Other excellent herbs for aromatherapy treatments for acne are ylang-ylang, sandalwood, palmarosa, myrrh, lavender, and jasmine.

For back acne, choose three to four of the herbs recommended above. Make sure you can extract its essential oils then create a 5% solution with it while mixing in two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Put it inside a dark glass spray bottle. Shake well before having someone spray it on your back.


This age-old Chinese technique can also be applied for treating acne. According to acupressure theory, the body is made of various pathways. Massaging or performing certain actions on certain pathways can promote healing.

For facial acne, you can try dry-washing your face. Start by rubbing your face warm with both your hands. Next, use four fingers to wipe your face downwards. Circle back and move upwards. Do ten cycles of this before repeating it for another ten in reverse.


Here are several suggestions on using this alternative treatment for acne. You’ll have to be familiar with the positioning of points in your body to follow the massage procedures below. Each massage point should only take up a minute of your time daily.

Try pressing and kneading gently the point situated above your nose bridge (Ex). Do the same on another day for the points on your cheek and beneath your pupils (St3), under your cheekbones (Si18), and at the bottom of your skull (Gb20).

Other alternative medicine and treatments for acne that are worth considering are homeopathy, juice therapy, yoga, and reflexology.

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Weight Loss with Alternative Medicine

Weight loss is one of the big topics-no pun intended-on the late night television circuit. While flipping through the channels after 11p.m., you are apt to come across several advertisements for weight loss pills and diet supplements, each promising to help you drop those unwanted pounds and remove stubborn belly fat once and for all.

Let's face it, if these pills really worked, America wouldn't be the top overweight country in the world.

There are types of alternative medicine which can help with weight loss, however, and with great results. While no alternative medicine is a magic solution, practicing these principles can help you become more limber, feel more energetic, and the end result-or side effect if you will- is weight loss.

Take yoga for example. The low impact stretching involved with yoga will help you feel less stressed, and as a result less likely to over eat as a result of depression or anger. Acupuncture has exact pressure points in the ear which help reduce cravings, and detoxifying teas and herbs can help you feel healthier, and the side effect would be thinking twice before deciding that you want to "pollute" yourself again with oily and fatty foods. In this respect, alternative medicine is wonderful for weight loss.

Most alternative medicines for weight loss come in the form of detoxifying teas, energy supplements, and vitamins. The exercise and diet plans are the basis-as they should be- for safe and effective long term weight loss. There is no magic potion to lose weight. Truly dropping pounds and keeping them off requires regular daily exercise and a change in eating habits, period.

However, to get you ready for weight loss, here are some alternative medicine detoxifying teas and interesting supplements;

Take turmeric, ginger, and lemon-about a half teaspoon each and the juice of half a lemon, and boil it all in 2 cups of water. Drink every morning as a detoxifier before you start your diet.

All diets should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, and buying a juicer is a great way to make a habit out of eating healthy. Please see your doctor before starting any kind of diet plan.

Omega three is a fine source of nutrient, and can be added to any smoothie or juice that you're drinking.

Visit your local food co op or herbalist, they can get you set up with all sorts of alternative teas and nutrition advice, and can refer you to a good homeopathic doctor who will evaluate you as to what your individual nutrition needs are.
Bovine and shark cartilage are two dietary supplements to hit the alternative market. Both have been used for years outside of the United States and Britain, but now are big business in the health food stores.

The most popular form of alternative medicine for weight loss isn't really medicine at all, rather behavior modification through hypnosis. Hypnosis doesn't make you rely on will power, that's one of the reasons it's so popular.

How hypnosis works is that it investigates what is subconsciously holding you to the thinking and eating habits that keep you overweight. Hypnotists believe that if the root cause of the obesity can be alleviated, the patient will naturally begin to lose weight. It is actually a very effective form of alternative medicine, and overall can cost much less than trips to day spas and expensive over the counter weight loss pills. Through hypnosis you can let go of fears that keep you from eating healthy, and begin to allow a positive energy flow through you, causing you to want to stick to the new way of eating and exercising.

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