Stress - Spiritual Ally and Friend

Stress, is there anything good about it?

Our brain has a marvelous feedback mechanism. With few exceptions, those things that feel good are life enhancing, while those that feel bad are unhealthy.

This is nature's way of helping humans live long enough to bear offspring in order to survive as a species.

But, what if this was also God's way of guiding us? What if stress were not the enemy but an ally - a true and faithful guide that will lead you closer to the Light and Love of your highest spiritual yearning?

It should come as no surprise that spiritual experiences and activities help us to feel good, while stressful experiences and activities help us to feel bad.

What is surprising is that scientific studies show that spiritual experiences and activities make us healthier and help us to live longer, while stressful experiences and activities make us more vulnerable to disease and shorten our lives.

It's almost as if we have a built-in guidance system that leads us towards the Light and away from the Darkness. These two forces - Light and Darkness - form the foundation of most religious traditions: The Light is good and the Darkness is bad.

But, what if our mythologies about the eternal battle between the forces of Light and Darkness, between Good and Evil, were simply our limited attempt to describe and understand the universal forces of creation?

What if, in fact, the forces of Light and Darkness were not antagonistic, but complementary - two sides of the same coin that need each other? What if the universe as we know it would cease to exist without both of these forces being present? Could it be that in the absence of Darkness there would be no Light?

Of course, this would resolve the age-old question concerning the nature of God: If God is the Creator of everything both seen and unseen, then why did God create evil? Why did God create the Darkness?

Perhaps the Darkness is God's way of helping us find our way home. In this sense, Darkness would be nothing more than a Divine tool designed to help us find the Light - just as seeing your shadow tells you exactly which way to turn to find the sun.

If we were truly enlightened, there would be no Darkness. We would experience everything as Divine Light and Love.

I'm suggesting, therefore, that Darkness is simply a misunderstanding. It is a misperception that gives rise to stressful feelings - feelings that lead us away from the Light.

And our Divine tool - the stress response is inviting us to make a new decision - to see, feel, hear or do that which will takes us towards the Light.

So, if you want to be healed, the message here is Bless the Darkness. Wake up and receive it as a gift. Recognize that whatever has caused your distress, your response is simply a misunderstanding of the true nature of this Divine experiment we are all part of.

And, when you bless the Darkness - when you bring the core qualities of Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Forgiveness into your experience - something marvelous happens. The Darkness within you starts to heal. You can see the situation more clearly and the intensity of your distress begins to fade. Your guide has served you well.

Author: Dr. Gene Eberts, a 30 year veteran in the field of mind/body healing, will show you how to heal your illness, end your suffering & live a life filled with profound joy, love and freedom.